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Some Attractive Spots in Bali Tourism

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People will find a lot of great destination in bali tourism. Bali island is like a great package of tourism. This island has great view of nature provided by its beaches and other destination. Then, there is also great local culture and cultural heritage kept well by the local people in this island. Of course, the facilities and accommodations in this island are also great. With these all, the island will be great destination to explore for holidays. Many tourisms spots can be visited, and having holiday for a week will never be enough to enjoy the whole great things offered by this island.

The attractive beaches in bali tourism will be the first thing to discuss. People must have known well that Bali is famous for its beaches. There are many beaches. Although they are beaches, each of them has different things to offer. That is why tourists will never get bored exploring all of the beaches in Bali. Many activities are possible to do in those beaches.


  • Talking about what to do in the beaches, surfing will be the great things to do. Surfing in Bali can be done in Kuta and Legian. These two beaches are the best destination to ride the waves. The waves are totally awesome for it.
  • If tourist want to swim, there is Lovina beach. The waves in this beach are calm and friendly, so it is safe to swim and enjoy the water of the beach. The other option is to see dolphins since it is possible to do in this beach.
  • Jimbaran will be other good beach to visit. This is a calm and nice beach to visit. There is also shopping destination to explore in this beach.

Of course, Bali is not only about beaches. The local cultures in bali tourism are also great things to explore. In this case, the best way to enjoy the local cultures is by visiting the temples. There are many great temples to visit in Bali. Although temples are sacred places for praying, it is still possible for tourists to visit and explore those temples.

  • Tanah Lot will be the first reference when it is about temple. This temple is great and famous for its great view. The location of this temple makes the view so attractive. It is located on the bank of the ocean and it is standing on the rock. With this great location, it is possible to view the great Indian Ocean. Then, when the sun sets, the great view of it can be seen perfectly in this place.
  • Then, there is also Pura Besakih. Pura Besakih is the biggest temple in Bali and it is called as the mother of temples. This temple is located in the foot of Mount Agung. People can see great temples in this destination.

If people want to see great dance performance, Uluwatu Temple can be visited. This temple is famous for its Kecak Dance performance. It is also great spot to enjoy the sunset. This is also the most important sea temple in Bali island.