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How To Choose Sunglasses And Watch According To The Gender

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There are no specific rules when it comes to choosing a gender based sunglasses or watches. But some minor differences in the design and colour of the product that tend to bend it towards a specific gender. Below you are going to find some of the major differences between sunglasses for men and women and points on how to select which one is ladies watch and which one is mens.

How to Differ between Mens and Womens Sunglasses

  • Curves When you will notice the edges of the sunglasses, you will find that all that are categorized for men are slightly less curvy and are bold from the edges whereas all that is recommended for women are curvier and rounded from the edges.
  • Design It is the basic knowledge that women like everything a tad jazzed up and it is no less said for sunglasses. Those which are made for women are broader and are more decorated than the ones that are for men. With side designs and colour patterns, sunglasses for women come in wide range while men have different shades of black as their option.
  • Fashion Mens sunglasses are more or less made with agenda of being more utilitarian whereas sunglasses for women are made also to complement their look and send message of being fashionable.

How to Differ between Watches for Ladies and Mens

  • Length Length of the wrist band plays a important role in telling whether the watch is for men or women. As men generally have a broader wrist, the length of band is also longer for men as compared to women.
  • Thinness Generally womens watches are more thin and less wide than mens watch as that look more fashionable and accentuates the thin tiny wrists of ladies.
  • Colour The colour of mens watch are generally in different shades of black, grey, tan or gold while the ones for ladies come in a range of colour from pink to silver to black. This is because watches for ladies are made to compliment their dresses and give a fashionable classy appearance.
  • Features and Designs Watches for mens are generally containing more features to categorize them as gadgets whereas womens watches are made with focusing on the designs and ornamentation. They come with stones and chains attached as a side accessory while mens watches contain digital clock, medical meters and digital calendar.


Mostly watches and sunglasses are gendre specific but sometimes some sets could not be differentiated and are unisexual. So even if you are looking for a feminine or masculine product and like the other one more, dont worry because now you can also choose from a range of unisexual products, made for both men and women.