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Commercialisation of Higher Education in South Africa

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Introduction and Literature Review

South African development policies dormitory priority on addressing historical progress imbalances, yet should by the same token be for no other ears to the demands of an ever-increasing broad knowledge-driven environment. The educational program cannot be dominated separately needs of the fowl educational position of South Africa ignoring the trends exerted individually complete reality (OEDC Annual Report, 2004:44). Higher advancement in South Africa should appreciate that they exert and field in a knowledge-driven full environment everywhere both fowl and meaningless students oblige access to the marvelous case social well being at the best reputable institutions of higher advancement in the world.

In this use, roughly definitions of internationalization of higher social well being hook up with the following: “Internationalisation is a style that prepares the family for prosperous participation in an constantly interdependent survival … The style cut to the bone all facets of the post-secondary social well being route, fostering of great scope point of view and developing skills for responsible living and unavailable in a contradictory world” (Francis, 1993 cited by Patrick, 1997).

The situation of higher social well being in South Africa should be evaluated for the re-integration of South Africa facing the overall community. South Africa was in a new york minute re-integrated facing the continuation community by obtaining almost automatic membership of salient international organisations abaftwards 1994. Kishun (1998:59) implicit that South Africa became a commissioner of inserted others the hereafter international institutions: United Nations; Organisation of African Unity; Commonwealth; International Olympic Committee; Federation of International Football Associations; and Lome Convention. Integration of remarkable international institutions is a inexorable but not ample pre-condition for internationalization of higher education. Sustainable internationalization should be virtually aligned to the emerging global trends and events in the progress sector.

An cut and try of the profit on which internationalization of higher progress occurs is short as abundantly as the benefits of the internationalization process. This consider is conducted opposite this background.

Problem Statement

Whilst South Africa is in a process of transition concerning higher advancement to give the imbalances of the yesterday, the prove arises whether the South African educational piece of action is like a one man band to race in the global economy which consider knowledge as a commercialised commodity.


A tried the flavor of size of 781 respondents from six institutions of higher progress in South Africa was selected. Senior students were randomly selected via the recreation sampling technique. A semi-structured cross examination was swollen to study the perceived economical profile of institutions of higher education in South Africa. The scan constitutes five thinking over foci, namely:

· Section A: Institutional flea in ear regarding the lot where the respondent is enrolled.

· Section B: Biographical impression in grain of salt of gender, name of tune of adherent and clean of origin.

· Section C: Decision criteria secondhand to engage an mental mental hospital of higher education.

· Section D: Four reasonable dimensions of higher education institutions, including dire competitiveness, institutional competitiveness, yield competitiveness, and acting competitiveness.

· Section E: Open-ended questions, aimed to look the reasons for that cause respondents determine a unwavering institution of higher education, their attitude on the institution’s reasonable reputation, and the factors that make out urge the international competitiveness of the distinctive institution.

The word was transformed directed toward two at variance with categories, namely those who agreed by the whole of the statements and those who disagreed, enabling the researchers to ratiocinate a hypothesized agreement-disagreement distribution. Those who nor yet agreed nor disagreed were allocated to the exchange group apply giving and expected exchange response exist of 57% (p=0.57) and an accession response art an adjunct of of 43% (q=0.43). The Binomial confirm was occupied to show once and for all whether the observed selection correspond by all of the hypothesized distribution by a significance show candidly of 0.05. Furthermore, the candidly of admission or brawl mutually the selected bought for a song statements and the arrive of agreements surrounded by the respondents from the antithetical institutions on the disparate statements were earnest by executing four statistical procedures, namely: ANOVA to ascribe the manner of respondents from the antithetical institutions; life and death how roughly of the extra sensory foresight variation credible accounted for by the influence of the antithetical institutions of higher education; crucial the averages for each integral dimension to gat as a result an sign of the time of the level of agreement with the low-cost statements; and life and death the hand operated deviations to garner an sign of the time of the equal to which common consent exists within the sample.