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Build traffic with pillar posts

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Blogs are the best way to attract traffic towards your business or website. But sometimes this strategy doesnt seem to work and fails to attract the targeted audience. The hit counter keeps on showing 0 which makes you think what is wrong with your post. Increasing the traffic is not that easy as it may seem. But you need not to worry anymore as pillar posts will help you in bringing back the traffic that you may need. You can boost traffic with pillar posts towards your website or business.

What are pillar posts?

Just as the pillars are tall and long, in the same way pillar posts are long, detailed and very much informative. Pillar posts are the long blogs that contain detailed information about any product or service. Usually a pillar post comprises of more than 2000 words which describes the product or services. A pillar post may also contain images as well as videos for the same. Pillar posts are the most impactful as well as people love to read these posts. A lot of them share it with their friends too. This results in large exposure of the posts and large number of audience which will get attracted towards your website. All the search engines also promote those websites and blogs which are popular. In this way pillar posts become popular as well as retain top position in the search result. Images and videos also make the post very interactive.


Increased back links: Due to informative nature of these blogs, pillar posts do get picked up by the users very easily which results in generation of back links more easily as compared to normal posts.

Use of Media: It is seen that using just a single relevant image can increase the page views by a large number. Images and videos do make these posts very interesting which results in high traffic.